Arabic is the official language of 26 countries covering North Africa and the Middle East, with an estimated 300 million native speakers. It is also an official language of the United Nations. Spoken Arabic has many different forms which vary across the countries in which it is an official language. Egyptian Arabic is the most widely spoken and understood with around 80 million speakers. Written Arabic falls into two categories: Classical or Quranic Arabic and Formal or Modern Standard Arabic. Classical or Quranic Arabic is learned for religious reason such as in order to recite or read the Quran. Formal or Modern Standard Arabic is used in schools and universities, in the media – on television and in newspapers, in workplaces, and in the government. There are around 65 million Arabic speaking Internet Users. Although this figure only represents just over 3% of the total number of Internet Users in the world, it has actually seen the largest growth of all Internet languages in the past 10 years of over 2,500%.

Live Translation provides a Arabic service that delivers quality translation in minutes and at a fraction of the cost of traditional translation companies.

Live Translation’s unique technology connects you instantly with approved, professional translators around the world. To get this level of service, most people would have to pay translation agencies additional fast turnaround surcharges on top of already high minimum charges leading to costs of up to $100 for just a few words. Live Translation’s professional translation services start at just $3.49!

All our translators are professionally qualified, native speaking and have at least one years commercial experience. This guarantees you a professional translation of the highest quality.

Traditionally, professional translation companies have focused on the larger, more lucrative translation projects leaving a void in the market for people who want a fast turnaround translation at a competitive price. The only alternative has been to use inaccurate free computer translation services which end up costing more in the long run with lost business.

Now Live Translation provides a REAL alternative to free translation services, guaranteeing you a high quality, low cost and fast translation.

Need a professional translation quickly? Try Live Translation. From only $3.49, you know it makes sense!

Got my professional translation back in minutes

Jenny - Napier

You guys were great! Fast and so easy to work with. Very professional and accurate.

Allison –

I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoy your service. The speed and accuracy is spot on. For anyone looking for a reliable real translation by real people then don't hesitate to use Live Translation.

Jasmine –

Fantastic service. The translations were great quality and completed speedily without any complications.

C. Horsnell-
Public Relations -
Planet Earth Wholesale,

Live Translation offered the service I was looking for – help with translations for our website. The site was easy to use and the price was affordable. Most importantly for me, the service was very fast which was really helpful as I was under pressure to meet a deadline. I’d definitely recommend it.

Michael –
Top Form Brassiere Co Ltd,

I decided to use LiveTranslation having compared other online translation sites and found their price to be the most competitive. The site was easy to use and the speed of service was good too – I’d recommend Live Translation.

Kevin -

I’d definitely recommend Live Translation. I needed translation of some legal documents and was really impressed with the quality of the translation that I received.

Toney –

I have always been delighted with the results that I have received from Live Translation. I have kept coming back because in my experience the accuracy has exceeded that of others and the price has always been more than reasonable. Highly recommended.

Peter –

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  • Avg. Turnaround: 250 words/hour
  • Translator pool: 2136
  • Avg. Request: 249 words

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